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The Unbroken
by D. J. Herda

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Psychological Thriller

Author D. J. Herda

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When Mistress Carlotta is paroled from prison, she makes good on her promise to walk the straight and narrow--until the temptations of the flesh and the chance to retaliate against her age-old nemesis prove stronger than even she can bear.

Mistress Carlotta is released from prison and rehabilitated from a life of depravity and sado-masochism.  In atonement for her sins, she agrees to help set up a home for abused submissives—men and women.  But the temptations prove too strong, and before long, Carlotta has fallen back into her evil ways with a hauntingly frightening twist.  She breaks, and then she sells, her slaves to the underground, where they are forced into the alternative-sex trade or made to perform in alternative snuff flicks.  When Lynne turns up dead, Dean turns up the heat and presses authorities to take up the chase.  As the trail turns cold, he springs into action, enlisting the aid of Lynne’s younger sister—who turns out to be more than Carlotta can resist!

Author's Bio:
D. J. Herda is the award-winning author of more than 80 conventionally published books and several hundred thousand short stories, articles, columns, and scripts.  He received his degree from Columbia College and taught Creative Writing Workshop in Chicago.  President of the American Society of Authors and Writers and member of several other writing and literary societies, he writes in virtually all genres and a few only he knows exist.  He has ghostwritten for several Hollywood luminaries, including Ronnie Schell, Art Linkletter, Lawrence Welk, and Sammy Davis Jr., for whom he has also ghost-photographed.

This book was written visually, with strong character development and scene elements.  Each chapter ends on a hook.  The dialogue is crisp, pointed, quirky, and believable, and the scenes contain good descriptive passages for visualization purposes.  Several producers have expressed interest in seeing the book, but it has not yet been shopped around.

D. J. Herda is one of the best fiction writers working today.

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