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Carlotta's Revenge
by D. J. Herda

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75,000 Words

Psychological Thriller

Author D. J. Herda

Books in This Series:
Bound for Carlotta (Completed)
The Unbroken

When the sadistic Princess of the Dark escapes from prison, she turns her gaze upon the one man who ever stood up to her; and, while Dean Janus isn't worried about facing the wrath of Carlotta again, the Demoniac has other ideas--involving drugs, kidnapping, and Janus' young fiance, Lynn.


When Domme Mistress Carlotta escapes from prison, Dean Janus bears the brunt of her revenge.  Taken into bondage to a small adobe outside Ensenada, he is broken of his will and forced to do her bidding.  He returns to the states, drugs and kidnaps his own fiance, and returns with her to Carlotta's adobe, where she too is eventually turned into a devoted slave.  But when M.C. introduces a young peasant girl to become Lynn's charge, Dean turns the tables on the Domme and sets the stage for a supercharged ending.



When Domme Mistress Carlotta escapes from prison where she was being held for attempted murder, Dean Janus receives a call from the local police warning him to be cautious.  Knowing how seriously warped his arch-nemesis is, he sets about securing the house--not an easy task with all its sliding glass doors and decks. When he makes his way around to the great room, he reaches for the door and looks up into Carlotta's sinister glare.  Dressed in stiletto heels and black leather, she holds a gun to his chest and forces him into a waiting car, where one of her submissive male slaves binds his hands and blindfolds him.


Within days, he finds himself imprisoned in a makeshift jail, and regularly dominated--first by whips and canes, then by genital torture, and finally by piercings. Slowly, painstakingly, he is converted into a psychological puppet, designed to do M.C.'s  dirty work of M.C.  When his Mistress finally feels he's ready, Dean is escorted back into the U.S. from Mexico, where he makes plans to meet with Lynn--his fiance who helped defeat Carlotta and save Dean from her clutches long ago.  Dean has dinner with her, telling her about his experiences with Carlotta, when she notices something changed about him--his attitude toward his tormentor ... softer, more forgiving.  Suddenly she feels faint, and he tells her reassuringly that it will all be over shortly and how her new life awaits.


Back with her in Mexico, Lynn awakens to the terror looming over her--Carlotta in all her dominant finery.  After binding and gagging the young woman, M.C. hands the whip to Dean--his final test in subjugation--and he performs flawlessly.  When Lynn passes out from the pain, M.C. has two of her Mexican henchmen--former Federales who had been fired for being too brutal in their duties--take her to an abandoned jail in the hills outside Ensenada to continue her "training."  Meanwhile, Carlotta instructs Dean to go to the Web and run a search on his own last name. He plugs in the Username and Password she's given him and is horrified to see his own craven images--and those of him beating Lynn--pop onto the screen. 


"Just a sample of how quickly I can ruin your life forever if you ever cross me again," she warns. 


She takes him into her chambers and prepares him for her servicing, closing the door to a room where three aging men are kneeling, chained to a stone wall.


The next morning, Dean awakens on the floor beside Carlotta's bed.  She is already gone, but a note tells him to check on Lynn's progress--Her "reeducation" while M.C. prepares a little surprise for him.  When he arrives at the jail, one of the guards walks out, adjusting the belt on his trousers.  He nods for Dean to go in, where he finds the other guard snoozing in the corner.  Behind the bars, Lynn hangs bound from the ceiling, her legs spread and shackled to floor rings.  She is barely covered, the welt marks and bruises clearly visible.  She opens her eyes, sees him, then falls off into another world.  Dean prods her and asks if she is ready to devote her life to serving Mistress Carlotta.  She raises her head once more and whispers, "I am ready."


When Carlotta returns, Dean has Lynn kneel before her and kiss her boots.  M.C. is so pleased that she has her henchmen bring in a young girl--perhaps 18 or 20--a peasant from the nearby village.  She is bound in cuffs and blindfolded, although clearly she is beautiful. 


"For your obedience to your new Mistress," she tells Lynn, "I've brought you you own pet ... and some play things to help break her spirit."


Dean sees the girl quiver in fear and watches as M.C. leads her to the rack, then rips the blouse off the girl before handing the whip to Lynn.  She tells Lynn to start the girl's training while M.C. brings several of her male slaves in to watch.  When she disappears, Lynn draws the whip back, pauses, then quickly turns on Dean. She lashes out at him, but he catches the tail in his hand and yanks it free.  Picking it up, he apporaches Lynn slowly, ominously, while she cowers in fear and the girl on the rack looks on.  When he is close enough to her to kiss her, he flings the whip aside, turns, and unlashes the girl. 


"Hurry," he tells Lynn.  "She'll be back any moment."


When M.C. comes in, Dean and Lynn quickly overpower her, lashing her to her own rack.  Cursing and spitting at them, she orders her male slaves to set her free, but they cower on their knees in the corner.  Dean drags two of the men to the post and lashes them there.  He tells the third, "Put some clothes on your hairy ass!" as Lynn rummages through some drawers.  She finds a blouse for the girl and some peasant clothes for the slave.


"How are we going to get out of here?" she asks Dean. e nods to the slave.  This one drove us in, he can drive us out."  Then he picks up the telephone and places a call to Carlotta's Federales henchmen, telling them she wants to see them immediately.  Finally, he calls the local police department and, turning away, speaks to them in Spanish before hanging up.


"What did you say?" asks Lynn.


"I told them that two ex-Federales are on their way here to murder a Domme and her two slaves."


Carlotta glares at him. "You can't get away from me.  No one will believe you.  I pay everyone well.  You'll see.  You'll wind up rotting in a Tiajuana jail, both of you.  You'll see!"


Dean walks slowly up to Carlotta, stopping inches from her spite-filled face.  "I don't think so. You see, we'll be gone before they get here ... long gone."


She scowls, "You'll never get away from me.  I'll see to that!"


Dean smiles. "Oh, I forgot to mention. I also called the Chief of Police in Ensenada and told him about the three graves you have out back.  Trainees who didn't quite make the grade?"


She spits at him.  "That's what I should have done with you.  With both of you!"


Dean grabs Lynn and the peasant girl and pushes the driver out the door in front of them.


"Both of you," Carlotta cries from inside.


The four get into the car, which starts quickly down the dirt road, leaving a plume of dust in their path.

D. J. Herda is the award-winning author of more than 80 conventionally published books and several hundred thousand short stories, articles, columns, and scripts.  He received his degree from Columbia College and taught Creative Writing Workshop in Chicago.  President of the American Society of Authors and Writers and member of several other writing and literary societies, he writes in virtually all genres and a few only he knows exist.  He has ghostwritten for several Hollywood luminaries, including Ronnie Schell, Art Linkletter, Lawrence Welk, and Sammy Davis Jr., for whom he has also ghost-photographed.

It was written visually, with strong character development and scene elements.  Each chapter ends on a hook.  The dialogue is crisp, pointed, quirky, and believable, and the scenes contain good descriptive passages for visualization purposes.  Several producers have expressed interest in seeing the book, but it has not yet been shopped around.

Herda is one of the best, most prolific and successful writers working today.

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