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Stanfield, Andrea

Bulletproof Your Business against Fraud!     They’re out there.  They’re everywhere.  The liars, the cheaters, the charlatans, crooks, and cons.  And their one goal in life is to steal you blind, steal everything you own, steal everything you’ve worked for all your life.  Now, finally, there’s a book by a Big Business insider and a former corporate scammer to tell you how to spot the scam artists before they spot you and—even more importantly—how to sidestep their attacks and turn their dirty little tricks on them!


Digging Beneath the Sheepskin: How To Recognize Real Leadership and Business Acumen in People without Degrees     What are you looking for in the people you hire for your business?  An MA from Harvard?  A PhD from Wharton?  Or the class, experience, intelligence, and creativity to make your business soar?  The answer should be obvious, but finding the right people—from a sea of people without college degrees—is easier said than done.  Here’s one businesswoman who worked both sides of the fence and is ready to reveal how you can get the most from your non-degreed future super-employees!


Of Liars Possessed - True Confessions of People Who Need To Come Clean     The world is full of them…and so is corporate America.  Liars, liars everywhere.  Now, one author dares to expose them all in a single book.  Along the way, she offers people a chance to “Get Out of Lies Free” by confessing their sins in a one-source stop for the most remarkable and sordid expose ever.  Finally, through the amazingly effective cleansing clarity of anonymity, even the most hardened liars can vest themselves of their dirtiest little secrets, all safely and without fear of retribution.  It’s only one small step toward finding the truth from the best-selling author of PHONY!  How I Faked My Way through Life.  




Stanfield, Andrea

What Your Best Friends WILL Tell You     A tell-all business morality book filled with the juicy stories of other people who lied in their jobs and in their lives and got away with it—for a while.  A compilation of tall tales, complete with author commentary, personal advice, the advantages of right over wrong, and plenty of triumphant good humor thrown in for spice!  From the former Czarina of Lies, now the Champion of America’s new Moral Majority.


Life without Lies - Bringing America Back from the Brink     A family-oriented book on how to get the little lies out of your life and out of your family and prevent them from growing into whoppers!  Along the way, you’ll learn the tips and tricks for teaching your children right from wrong, the values of morality in society, how to guard against compulsive liars, and advice designed to make life without lies that much more fun…and more rewarding!




Herda, D. J.

The Official Coffee-Drinker’s Handbook: The Good, the Bad, and the Downright Distasteful     Coffee America’s salvation.  Or is it?  Coffee has been grown for production for centuries.  Once revered as a drink served only to royalty—and later thought worthy only of the peasantry—today it is hailed by people around the world as an undeniably satisfying drink.  Yet only lately have doctors and researchers come to understand what it is about coffee that makes it so popular.  The Official Coffee-Drinker’s Handbook delves into the history, the popularity, the health benefits, the potential health hazards, the economic impact, and the social ramifications of coffee drinking.  Loaded with plenty of “I didn’t know that” facts and interesting tidbits of coffee-abilia, it’s the only book you’ll ever need to read before feeling qualified to say, “Can I offer you a cup of coffee?”


From brewing techniques and roasting one’s own beans to flavored coffees and using coffee in cooking, this book is a must for all coffee aficionados everywhere. 




Schoenewolf, Dr. Gerald
Director, Living Center, New York, NY
Couples’ Guide to Erotic GamesN. A. RIGHTS SOLD
     Sex is the most direct route to restoring love and tenderness to a relationship.  This book presents seventy-seven inventive and exciting games, tailored to couples of all ages and physical types, to guide you and your partner to a more thrilling, more fulfilling, more emotional sexual connection.


* Soft Cover published by Citadel Press; foreign rights available




Beck, Michielle DJ
Sorry, I Thought I Loved You - One Woman's Journey through Relationship Addiction
When a woman finally fell so far from grace that she didn't know how to pick herself up, God and the love of music helped her find her way again.  After struggling through five failed marriages and countless relationships, she truly learned what it was like to hit rock bottom.  When she discovered that she was a relationship addict, she began to see how she could put her life together again, but it was an uphill that she had to win to save herself and her daughter.




Herda, D. J.

Big-Bang Baby Boomer Electric Shock Sex Machine: How three women changed the face of literature and reinvented the world     France’s Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette fights the Battle for Sexual Rights as New York’s Dorothy Parker confronts her own emerging sexuality during her quest for truth, justice, and a new American Way of life.  Along the way, Anais Nin, resting in the wings with her recently acquired sexual gauntlet, batters literature into a new Sexual Revelation—each remarkable woman influenced by the successes and the failures, the joys and the heartbreaks of the others.

Ghosts at the Round Table: A Telling Alliance--
Sacco and Vanzetti at the Gonk
Dorothy Parker is the most unlikely of radicals.  But the author who pens “Men don’t make passes / at girls who wear glasses” has much more on her mind than clever witticisms when she lobbies fellow Round Tablers to the defense of accused killers Sacco and Vanzetti.  For more than six years, she carries the banner against America’s paranoia and disgrace.  In the end, it is Parker—and not two Italian-born anarchist immigrants—who pays the greatest price of all for her integrity.



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