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The Chosen of Azar
by Carol Kluz

About the Author
Carol Kluz collaborated with book editor Gary Kessler to write Finding Go: Matching Questions and Resources in Getting Published (Winterwolf, 2004).  The authors have since turned the book into an award-winning website with totally free access for writers.  See  She has published poetry, short stories and novels. She served in the U.S. Navy in personnel and worked as a proofreader for National Press, as a Web publicist representing Clifford Stevens and M. M. Lehman and as a freelance editor.  She often describes the mountain scenery in her home state of Wyoming for scenes in her books.  She is part of the suspense writing team of Carol Randy.  Carol has an award winning website that is listed as one of John Kremer’s 101 best book marketing sites.  Visit her online at:

About the Book
Crafted in the mountains of Barranda by Azar’s disciple Mo Demz to train young men and women to protect his creation, Haven's Hold soon proves a challenge for Azar's young Chosen–especially Beni and the feisty and rebellious Jenda.

When the five discover that one of Condragon’s disciples is already spreading his evil throughout the land, they realize they must act quickly.  But Zorad has plans of his own.  And they do not include allowing the young Chosen to find their talismans and hone their powers to a degree greater than his own.  But can he stop the five young upstarts...and can they survive in a hostile land where danger lurks behind every stone?

“The boulder moved and writhed—it was alive!  Dark red ooze formed a pool under it.  The other boulders transformed into hideous beings.  A mix of grotesque flesh and rocks, the long-limed demons, with red-flamed eyes glistening in the dark, moved swiftly to attack the Chosen."

The Chosen of Azar
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The Chosen of Azar (WestBank Publishing), by Carol Kluz, $14.95 Trade Paperback.  Adult/Young Adult Fiction.  Sword & Sorcery Fantasy.  A powerful adventure that sweeps the reader along on wings from another world.   



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