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A Way You'll Never Be

by Gerald Schoenewolf

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Serial Murder

In the tradition of Lolita, a tragic tale of a runaway girl who meets a black serial murderer.

A black serial murderer picks up a teen-aged runaway and heads for the Florida Keys; on the way he makes plans to kill her while she makes plans to marry him.

This is a dark, psychological drama about a tragic relationship between a serial murderer who had a black father and a white mother and a beautiful, young, aspiring singer who is running away from home. The story starts in Kansas City, where Bobby, the handsome murderer, picks up Jenny, a charming young teenager, who wants to be on American Idol. Written in diary form, it follows them through various adventures as they drive to the Florida Keys. On the way, she falls in love with him, but he can only respond by raping her and plotting to kill her.

She sings to him and tells him about the father who abandoned her and the mother who cannot relate to her, but he won't tell her anything more about himself. They stay at a motel where they meet Hank and Sherry, who are swingers. When Hank brags about his “nine inch dick,” Bobby goes a little crazy and threatens to shoot the “nine inch wonder” off. Later that night Jenny begs Bobby to tell her about his abusive childhood and he finally does. His mother was a semi-prostitute who once tried to strangle him in his crib. She picked up men and brought them home and had sex with them before his eyes.

When he was seven she began placing him in a long succession of orphanages, foster homes, and reform schools. After hearing his story (told in flashbacks) Jenny decides to rescue him through marriage. The next morning they head for Florida, where they spend the night in a state campground and meet the Smithers, a happy camper family with three daughters whom Bobby manages to charm and then frighten half to death. That night Jenny tells Bobby she wants to stay with him and marry him. Instead, he drives her to the Florida Keys, where he strangles her on a sand bar as the evening sun sinks behind the ocean. Only on the day of his execution does he finally have remorse and realize that he loved her.

Gerald Schoenewolf has published fourteen books on psychology and related subjects. These include a fictionalized case history, Jennifer and Her Selves (Dell, 1993), a book of short fictionalized case histories, The Couple Who Fell in Hate (Jason Aronson, 1997), and a book of Eastern philosophy, The Way According to Lao Tzu, Chuang Tzu and Seng Tsan (2000), which he also illustrated. He has also published several short pieces of fiction in Esquire, North American Review, Prism International, Transatlantic Review, Cimmaron Review and the Minetta Review, and he has authored over 25 articles in psychological and psychoanalytic journals.

Dr. Schoenewolf won the Screenwriting Competition in the winter of 2005 for his play, Freud in Love. He has written 15 screenplays, two of which have been produced by his own production companies, Living Center Films—The Interview (2004) and Therapy (2005). In addition to the screenplays, he has written and directed several stage plays in New York and Copenhagen.

Jeffrey Seinfeld, Ph.D.

Already adapted into a screenplay by the author. Has the makings of a poignant and original film that sheds light on the mind of a serial murder, race relations, and love.


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