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Bloodline: The Legacy of Paine

by Jim O'Rear

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One Sentence Description:
An army of Civil War vampires threaten the bloodline of an innocent child who holds the key to their world domination.

Blurb or Logline:
When Alex Hays encounters a brutal and vampiric Union General, dark secrets from his family history are revealed, forcing Alex and his son into a battle for survival against an army of the undead.

Alex Hays, a single father blessed with a good job, loving girlfriend, and a healthy six-year-old boy named Brandon, thought he had life under control. He thought he understood the nature of good and evil and believed that supernatural phenomenon was something that only existed in the movies. Alex was wrong.

When Eleazar Paine, a brutal vampiric Union General left over from the Civil War, steps into Alex's life and reveals the secrets of his past, Alex and his friends band together to protect Brandon from succumbing to Paine's undead army and becoming the heir to his evil blood legacy.

BLOODLINE: THE LEGACY OF PAINE is a dark action / thriller, set in 1862 and the present, offering a strong protagonist, a deeply horrifying villain, and a series of disturbing surprises that builds to a shocking ending. It is also a story of betrayal and the fine line that divides people when ugly secrets remain buried too long.

3rd Place For Best Screenplay In The TSA 2003 Competition.

Author Bio:
Jim O'Rear has two previously produced screenplays to his credit, has placed in national screenwriting competitions, and has written professionally for a number of international horror and sci-fi publications.

A-List Horror actors who have already agreed to be attached to this project include Robert "Freddy Krueger" Englund, Bill "Chop Top" Moseley, Tom (Friday The 13th) Savini, Dick "Michael Myers" Warlock, Gunnar "Leatherface" Hansen, Muse (I Know What You Did Last Summer) Watson, Debbie "Scream Queen" Rochon, and R.A. "Pumpkinhead" Mihailoff.  Letters of intent are available upon request.


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Prominent Person Endorsements:
David Friedman (retired film producer and department head for Paramount) says, "BLOODLINE is terrific!"

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