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Big Breasted Vampire Death
by Jim O'Rear

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84 pages







One-Sentence Description:

A simple cross-country road trip goes horribly and hysterically wrong when three “good ol’ boys” cross paths with four beautiful, sophisticated, and vicious truck driving vampires. Based on the hit horror comic book from Pickle Press.



When three "good ol' boys" decide to take a simple cross-country road trip, it turns out to be anything but!  They cross paths with four beautiful, well-built, sophisticated, and vicious truck driving vampires. Who could ask for more?  Based on the hit horror comic book from Pickle Press.



It's a quiet night on the back highways of Indiana when Jim, a tough good-ol’ boy, and his younger twin brothers, Johnny and Tommy, head out for a road trip to Chicago’s UIC Pavilion to see one of the hottest pop country bands in the nation – Chet Stetson and the Pretty Boys.
On their way to the same show are four women riding in a Peterbuilt truck hauling an old blood bank trailer: Voluptua - a raven-haired Romanian; Aierole - a cool Spanish beauty; Cleave - a tough diesel dyke; and Melonie - a former wet T-shirt contest winner.  The women are stunning beauties…and are all vampires.
The brothers’ road trip takes an unexpected turn when they pull over at an Indiana truck stop for a quick restroom break, finding the bloody carnage left behind by the undead creatures.  What follows is a hysterical and horrific crisscrossing tale of three brothers simply trying to get to a concert while running for their lives from four blood-thirsty, oversexed vampire women enjoying a mayhem-filled “Girl’s Night Out” on the town.
Based on the hit horror comic book from Pickle Press.


Author Bio:

Jim O’Rear has been involved in the writing and entertainment industries for over 25 years, working as an actor, stuntman, and special effects artist in major motion pictures, television shows, and Off-Broadway theater productions as well as publishing/editing magazines and creating several award winning screenplays.  O'Rear’s love for prose and performing developed at an early age when he began staging magic shows for his Elementary school classmates and writing a series of comic books titled The Bionic Marshmallow (published by his school’s library).


Through the years, he continued to hone the crafts he was so fond of, eventually receiving degrees in Children’s Literature and Performing Arts.  As a writer, O'Rear has contributed material to a number of internationally distributed magazines, including Scary Monsters, Comics Interview, Haunted Attraction, Fright Times, and Fangoria.  He was also the editor and publisher of Underground Entertainment, an “insider's” magazine for the Haunted Attraction industry.  Combining his knowledge and affection for writing and performing, he jumped into the arena of screenplay composition. He hit the ground running, as his first screenplay was sold and produced as an independent horror feature in 1999.


To prove that he was no “one hit wonder,” O'Rear promptly sold a second screenplay, which was also produced the very next year. Since that time,  a third script has gone into production, he has had options placed on two more of his screenplays (which are currently in development), placed 3rd for “Best Screenplay of 2003” in the TSA Screenwriting Competition, and placed as a finalist for "Best Screenplay" in the Fade In Screenwriting Contest.


Because of his close ties with the entertainment industry, he is able to “package” his screenplays with “A-List” actors and directors, creating strong, attractive properties for his projects.  In between writing projects, he continues to work as an actor and stuntman in the motion picture industry and regularly tours the film convention circuit, teaching screenwriting seminars to convention attendees.



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