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Zen and the Art of a Healthier You--

Winning the Battle of Serotonin Nation


by D. J. Herda

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An East-Meets-West look at why you are what you consume and what’s wrong with the typical Occidental approach to diet, exercise, supplements, and drugs--how poor health habits affect your overall well-being and how to meld Eastern Philosophy and alternative health with the latest in both conventional and revolutionary Western approaches to wellness.

Everybody knows that an apple a day is better for you than a Coke and a basket of fries, but not everybody knows why or how much better or just how damaging eating the wrong foods and ingesting the wrong drugs can be.  The art of living well should be everyone's number-one goal: the inevitable alternative is not pretty. 



In this revolutionary guide to wellness, the author presents time-tested and research-confirmed information about the role that advanced nutritional uptake--food--plays in human development.  Drawing on both Occidental and Eastern philosophies of how what we consume and how we approach wellness affects our quality of life, he has assembled the best, most accurate information available today, backed by an impressive list of nearly a hundred cutting-edge physicians, dieticians, and researchers from cultures around the world. 


It's an A-List, eye-opening stunner for people who want to live longer and stave off disease, from dysentery and cancer to diabetes and heart disease, by the award-winning author of Cancer



After more than twenty years of searching for a single source for the most accurate, up-to-date, cross-cultural information available on living longer and prospering, I finally had to admit that it didn't exist. 

Oh, I discovered bits and pieces, time-tested tips and authoritative prescriptions on everything from defeating cancer without dangerous surgery and chemotherapy and controlling or eliminating diabetes to curing ulcers, colitis, rosacea, high cholesterol, macrodegenerative eye disease, and much more scattered all over the place.  I found clips and tips on the Internet, in books and magazines, throughout historical tomes, in the libraries of medical and scientific research facilities scattered around the globe...but never in a single, easily accessible place.

My search was borne of more than idle curiosity.  I found myself growing older and literally falling apart.  Conventional medicine treated the symptoms and bought more time but often at the expense of quality of life.  Pharmaceutical America provided answers to my questions but often at greater costs than the solutions presented me.  And nothing--from bombarding the body with radioactive isotopes to removing fully functioning but partially damaged or diseased organs--made sense outside the realm of the Fraternité de Grande Médecine.

But where to turn for the alternative?  Where to look for the answers?  Where do you turn when you've exhausted all avenues of hope?

Suddenly the idea struck me. 

When I had become interested in pond-keeping and needed answers to questions about building outdoor ponds and raising goldfish and koi--answers I couldn't find in a single location--I decided to write the book, Zen and the Art of Pond Building.  When I wanted to know more about the most dreaded of all human diseases and couldn't find a single source containing the most up-to-date information available, I wrote the book, Cancer.

Thus was born the concept behind Zen and the Art of Eating Healthy: Eating To Save Your Life.  It is, in short, every person's dream guide to how to eat better in order to live a healthier, happier, and longer life.  The sage advice included within its pages comes from hundreds of experts...people ranging from Doctor Spock to Mr. Spock, from Dolly Parton to the Dali Lama, from Gloria Steinem to Charlie Brown, from the Mayo Clinic's Guide to Better Living to Mad Magazine, invaluable pearls of wisdom with anecdotal comments on how to apply the best advice in the world to everyday life.  All verified and corroborated by the latest in traditional and alternative research.

In this book you'll learn about a new way of eating to help you sidestep the onset of serious disease (and even the nagging properties of old age) told in a straight-forward, easy-to-read fashion by the author of the award-winning book, Cancer.

You'll learn what's causing the problems you're experiencing, how traditional Western medicine approaches treatment, how alternative medicine (both Eastern and Western) differs, how Big Government has let us down, why Corporate America has sold us out, and the latest studies on the effects--and effectiveness--of a healthier approach to eating.

Along the way, you'll learn things about your own body--those flesh and bones you've come to know and love over all these years--you never knew before. You'll discover how the condition of your heart is a product of your environment; how healthful breathing is a learned technique; how your immune system is one of the wonders of the universe; how your mind helps to control your physiology; and how what you eat affects them all.

You'll learn about the role your diet plays not only in your overall health, but also in combating specific diseases and maladies--all impeccably documented, with appropriate studies indexed for further research.

So, isn't it time you changed your outlook on life and began eating your way to health?  Aren't you ready to shed an antiquated and inadequate medical tradition for something that works?  Wouldn't you like to have all of the most timely and trusted information the world community has evolved in order for you to get well and stay well in one easily accessible location?

Zen and the Art of Eating Healthy will teach you how to regain control of your life by gaining control over what you consume and how you consume it.  Along the way, you'll have fun, lose weight, feel more energetic, require fewer visits to the doctor's office, shed yourself of those nagging aches and pains, and turn your brain on in ways you never before imagined. 

In this book, you'll learn a simple and effective means to revamping the way you think about food and eating and, along the way, reprogram your entire mind and body to help you to live the fullest, healthiest life humanly possible without the use of dangerous prescription drugs and invasive medical procedures.

You'll learn all that and more.  And that's not a promise.  It's a guarantee.


A full-time freelance writer for more than twenty years, D. J. Herda is a former book, magazine, and newspaper editor and college creative writing workshop instructor in Chicago.  His credits include more than 80 conventionally published books and several hundred thousand short stories, articles, columns, scripts, and derivative works. 



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