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The Continuing Saga of
Sir and lindsey


by David Lord Lionheart and lindsey

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Est. 80,000 Words.


Alternative Erotica


Fictional Memoir



The erotic, psychologically charged tale of a Dominant and his on-line newbie being put through the paces, all in preparation for their real-time meeting—but could it ever really be?

Cover Blurb:
“This fascinating and all-too-real tale of a submissive-in-training captivates and stimulates, generating its own heat from the very first page.  Ripe with intrigue and betrayal, filled with love, lust, and wanton desire, it’s the best BDSM tale worthy of the name since The Story of O.” – Don Bacue, International Features Syndicate


Blurb/Logline  When David Lord Lionheart turns on his computer and stumbles across an Alternative Partners e-mail from a woman named lindsey, he is fascinated.  This is obviously a woman of dignity and breeding—a woman who wants more than anything else in the world to become his slave ... and his slut.  But Lord Lionheart has other plans for her—at least at first—so when he offers to be lindsey’s on-line mentor until that day when the time might come for a face-to-face meeting, he is delighted that she accepts. 


With few exceptions (and far more trepidation), lindsey proves to be an apt student.  She learns to serve and obey unselfishly.  She discovers the excitement of exhibitionism and the allure of her own bisexuality.  She even learns to perform for and serve a real-time Master, whom Lord Lionheart has chosen to oversee her continuing education.  Under the heady sting of Dr. Moriarity’s whip, lindsey experiences nirvana as she never dreamed it could be.


But has the teacher taught her too well?  As the day finally approaches for lindsey to fly to California to meet her on-line Lord of nine months, her real-time mentor has other plans.  After “rescuing” her from the rack of a local Satanic Domme and her blood-letting ceremonies, Moriarity lays his own young submissive—along with his entire fortune—at lindsey’s feet ... if only she will forget about Lord Lionheart and agree to be his alpha slave.



A true Dominant who has lived the lifestyle with his submissive slave lindsey



Move over Story of O...Sir and lindsey are coming!

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