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Baby Makes Three

by D. J. Herda

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A recent widower and his teenage daughter take in a boarder who has more than renting a room on her mind--much more!

Recent widower Richard Bass and his teenage daughter discover that living in a rambling home has its drawbacks.  But when they take in boarder Alicia Desiree, they soon learn that nothing is as it first appears--absolutely nothing!

When a recent widower and his budding young daughter face the reality of life alone in a large rambling house, the daughter suggests that they take in a boarder.  Hesitantly, the father agrees to interview several candidates but discards them all out of fear for their intentions.  When at last he meets a renter he feels he can trust, the daughter expresses her own hesitance.  In the end, he rents a room to Alicia, who does her best to befriend the young girl and, on her 16th birthday, gets her high on pot and seduces her.  In the meantime, Alicia begins an affair with the father. 

When the father finds out weeks later that the two women in his life have been carrying on behind his back, he threatens to kick Alicia out onto the street.  But Megan has other ideas.  She leaves home to move in with a 24-year-old crack head with whom she has been sleeping.  When the father finally locates the two, Megan sets up a wicked plan in which the two men get into a fight and her father gets killed.  But during the struggle, the kid accidentally kills Megan, and the father retaliates by shooting him execution-style through the head. 

After making it look like a murder-suicide, Dick Bass returns to Alicia, who by now has moved another young woman into the house.  When he demands that she choose between her new paramour and himself, Alicia smiles wickedly and tells him her idea—a very different idea—for their future life together. 

D. J. Herda is the author of more than 80 conventionally published books and several hundred thousand short stories, articles, columns, scripts, etc.  President of the American Society of Authors and Writers, he has worked as a newspaper, book, and magazine editor and has taught creative writing workshop at the college level.  He writes in nearly all genres of fiction and nonfiction.

This book has all the earmarks of a cult classic film in the manner of Lolita and Pretty Baby.

The book is currently in progress, and the author can deliver a completed manuscript 60 days after contract.

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