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Acquiring Elizabeth
by D. J. Herda

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75,000 Words


Author D. J. Herda

Author's Representative:
Faye M. Swetky
The Swetky Agency
2150 Balboa Way No. 29
St. George, Utah 84770

The Book in One Sentence:
The horrifying true-life tale of a young girl abducted from her home at knife-point in order to become the second wife of a delusional Mormon fanatic.

When 14-year-old Elizabeth Dove disappears from her comfortable upper-middle-class home in the middle of the night, her parents are frantic.  At first fearing the worst, they soon come to believe that forces other than kidnapping are involved.  When the missing girl’s uncle tells investigative reporter Jaime Wilson to back off the case, she soon realizes that Elizabeth is still alive and well ... but where ... and for how long?  And how on earth will she ever get her back?  Based on a true story of intrigue, crime, power, and corruption.


When fourteen-year-old Elizabeth Dove disappears from her bed one night in late spring, her Utah parents are frantic.  Local police launch an all-out campaign to locate the girl as they try to piece together what few clues are left behind.  They are baffling: a cut screen too small for human access, an eye-witness too young and too frightened to provide any meaningful information, and a mother in the habit of picking up vagrants and bringing them to her home to rehabilitate.


As the community mobilizes to locate the girl—or any sign of her abductor—Jaime Wilson, an investigative reporter for The Desseret News, interviews Richard, the uncle of the patriarchal Dove family.  Wilson leaves the interview with the distinct impression that Richard had been hiding something from her.  She begins an investigation into the man’s own leanings toward polygamy.  Her investigation takes her to a remote community of practicing polygamists and several frightening encounters with some of the communal leaders.  After receiving an anonymous threat warning her to back off the story, she returns to the news room to begin a laborious search of Salt Lake City’s polygamist underground. 


When she stumbles across a drifter who was excommunicated by the main body of the Church of Latter Day Saints, she sets out to find him.  After several close encounters, she receives a call from a friend who works at the city morgue: the drifter is dead.


Refusing to give up on her theory that Elizabeth was abducted to become the cornerstone of the drifter’s New Church of Holy Day Saints, she learns that the identity of the man in the morgue was actually not that of the drifter but of his brother.  She decides to go underground to locate the drifter—the beginning of a journey that takes her to the throbbing underbelly of Chicago, Sun Valley, and San Diego before finally bringing her back to Utah, where she returns to the polygamist community to come face-to-face with the drifter and his “two wives.” 


Barely escaping abduction, herself, she enlists the aid of a special undercover agent and close friend who helps her to set a trap for the drifter.  After being warned off the case by police-department officials, the two investigators finally manage to trap the cultist in an action-packed climax, when they recover Elizabeth, only to come face-to-face with Elizabeth's uncle and all of his maniacal political wrath.  The surprising climax is stunning in its sweeping dramatic scope.

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Author's Credits:

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Former writer, director, producer of nationally syndicated weekly television spot, Skiing Today.


Writer, director, producer of two consumer videotapes on photography.


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Designer, producer, and co-publisher of the award-winning 18-book children's series, "The American Scene," examining key issues affecting Americans and their country.


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Wrote and directed The Trouble with Pirates, Chicago, 1969; wrote for production The English Carpheads, Muse Theatre in the Flats, Cleveland, 1972.

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Former ghost writer for Ronnie Schell, Lawrence Welk, and Art Linkletter, etc.  Former ghost writer/photographer for Sammy Davis Jr.  Scriptwriter for educational and consumer cable television, in-flight airline, etc.

List Any Pre-Publication Sales:
Galleria Eros Writer's Lounge wants 1,500 copies for its members.  The American Society of Authors and Writers wants 1,000 copies for re-sale.  The author wants 250 copies initially for promotion.

Explain How Author Will Help in Marketing This Book:
I have a public relations agency under contract to represent me, and I would want them to work in conjunction with the publisher's marketing department on various promotional/marketing plans.  I am an excellent on-screen talent and very good at interviews, as well as proficient at book signings, etc.  Associations: I am President of the American Society of Authors and Writers (, a member of the Author's Guild, etc., and a former member of the National Press Club and ASJA and can get excellent coverage via them.  I also run a BDSM Forum with several thousand members and have connections with others and memberships totaling several hundred thousand.  Newspapers: I have associations with several hundred of the largest daily newspaper editors in North America, as well as numerous additional writers/readers/reviewers groups with which I'm associated.  Magazines & Trade Publications: I work with editors of over 400 entertainment magazines and trade publications, such as American Cinematographer, Daily Variety, TV Guide, Time Out New York, Rolling Stone, Entertainment Weekly, Hollywood Reporter, Soap Opera Digest, The New Yorker, Movie Line, Media Week, Editor & Publisher, Boston Book Review, and Writer's DigestRadio: I have connections at more than 650 radio stations and programs, including ABC Radio Network, USA Radio Network, Spotlight on the Arts, Inside the Movies, Heart of Hollywood, E! Entertainment Radio, and Book Talk.  Television: I periodically consult with more than 350 television networks, stations and programs, including NBC Television Network, Access Hollywood, CNN showbiz Today, E! News Daily, Entertainment Tonight, and Fox on Entertainment.  News Wires, Syndicates & Databases: I have access to direct delivery to newswires and syndicates such as AP, Reuters, UPI, BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL service, Dow Jones, New York Times Syndicate; and research databases, including Factiva, Lexis-Nexis, Dialog, Hoover's, Standard & Poor's, and Edgar Online.

List Any Prominent Persons Willing To Endorse This Book:
Several producers/directors who have already expressed an interest in acquiring an option on this project plus North American Features Syndicated editor-in-chief Don Bacue, Chicago Tribune book reviewer.

Explain How This Book Lends Itself to Movie and/or Television Rights' Sales:
It was written visually, with strong character and scene elements and naturally occurring dramatic breaks.  Its dialogue is hip, pointed, quirky, and humorous, and the scenes contain good descriptive passages for visualization purposes.  Several producers have expressed interest in seeing the book. 

Author's Qualifications for Writing This Book:
Herda is one of the best and most prolific writers working today.  His own independent investigation into the Elizabeth Smart case brought him to the conclusion that the young girl was taken "with some knowledge and acquiescence" to become a polygamist's wife--a mere 12 hours after the girl's announced "kidnapping"!  Herda has written on the case and is one of the most knowledgeable people around on the subject of communal polygamists and delusional criminal personalities.

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