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Mary Shelley's American Nightmare:
A Monstrous Affair

by Christopher Harmon

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Screenwriter Harmon with
Lakota Woman star, Irene

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Faye M. Swetky
The Swetky Agency
2150 Balboa Way No. 29
St. George, Utah 84770

The Script in One Sentence:
Upon visiting America, young 18th-century authoress Mary Shelley learns all too well how to craft a Frankenstein-like monster, setting the stage for the construction of one of the most famous and popular novels in history.


Legendary British author and mother of the Thriller genre, Mary Shelley, and her beloved man servant Adamly visit Thomas Jefferson at Monticello and expect to find the Utopia they have read about in the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence.  Instead they are shocked at the cruelty and brutality of slavery.  After Shelley falls captive to mad scientist Victor Franklin (the illegitimate son of Ben Franklin), he decapitates Adamly in order to combine the man's intellectual powers with the power of lightning to create an artificial man: the monster. The idea backfires, though, when Mary and Adamly turn the tables on the teacher, giving him a lesson he'll not soon forget about playing around with playing God.  Shelley returns to Europe and goes on to pen her cult-horror classic based upon her eye-opening experiences in America.

Complete Script:
Download and open the complete Mary Shelley's American Nightmare script in Adobe Acrobat (you'll need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to do so - download a free copy here) or contact The Swetky Agency at to have the screenplay mailed to you.

Author's Bio:
Often using the penname, DarkMark Twain, Christopher Harmon--much like the original Twain--uses a mix of action and humor to address matters of social importance.  Born in Buffalo NY, and being snowed in often, the author's diversity of reading material included Alex Haley, Stephen King, Dick Gregory, MAD Magazine, The Gospel, and Playboy

While in New York, Harmon received a B.A. in Communication from the University of Buffalo, after which he escaped the extreme snow for the extreme heat of Phoenix, AZ.  His writing has blossomed there, where he is now aided by a wife and two children.

Harmon's screenplays include Rebuilding the Soul, The REAL Monsters, Mary Shelley's American Nightmare, Red Thunder, The Ghost of the Dragon, Rocking Jerusalem, Blitz of the Black Wolf, and Deliver the Word (in progress).  He has also written a teleplay, The Simpsons: The Predator vs. Shaft, and published several articles and short stories.  In addition, he is winner of the Diversity Award (Scripts Division), and he placed in the quarterfinals in the Chesterfields; semifinals in Maui, and finals in the Asian-American Media Dev. Award.  He also wrote and directed a training video for the State Employees of Arizona.

Anticipated Market for this Script:
This story will appeal to anyone with a penchant for quirky, offbeat historical horror, filled with humor and wit.

This script can be produced well within modest budgetary constraints.  It's the perfect project for everything from a made-for-television original movie or a PBS series anchor to a full-length feature.  This is an excellent showcase and a lively vehicle for either established or developing  talent.

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