Our Philosophy

At The Swetky Literary Agency, we believe in the integrity of that time-honored and hallowed tradition of author, agent, and publisher/producer working together for the benefit of all.  Without the author and his very best work, fine literature and outstanding film and television withers and dies on the vine.  Without the publisher/producer and his very best efforts, fine authors go unheralded.  Without the agent and his most highly refined marketing talents, neither author nor publisher/producer may ever realize how close they had been to literary fruition.

Our goal as a literary agency is to act as sales agent, liaison, contact, negotiator, editorial consultant, and arbiter on behalf of all of our clients and to the benefit of finer media everywhere.  Toward that end, our agency representatives have had many decades of experience in all areas of publishing, film, and literature.  They are chosen not only for their knowledge and effectiveness as literary agents, but also for their integrity, moral ethics, and highly professional standards of conduct. 

When we make a commitment to our author-clients, we expect that commitment to last for a lifetime, and we relate to our authors in exactly that manner, building not only a solid, viable working relationship, but also a lasting personal friendship.  The Swetky Agency is proud to be able to offer the publishing and film industries the finest literary clientele working today.

And to those media professionals who put their trust and faith in us each and every day, we make this solemn pledge:

Our represented authors are the hardest working, most reliable, most marketable and talented professional writers working today. 

You have our word on it.

Faye M. Swetky

The Swetky Literary Agency

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