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Leo F. Skins
Living What He Writes

A cross-country trip leads to a
hard-hitting, intriguing new novel

Leo F. Skins was born and raised in Syracuse, NY.  He found his voice not as a student of Politics and Language but in the plethora of odd jobs he has held as a cashier, waiter, counselor, stocker, ice cream truck driver, observatory assistant, and network analyst.  With the monotony of wage labor came the time to build stories.

In the summer of 2002, Skins and a friend hopped into an old Jeep and drove 7,500 miles across America.  Two and a half weeks and a few hundred dollars later two guys from Upstate New York had been to San Diego and back.  The heat, engine failures, boredom, and adventure provided the inspiration for Appreciating a Woman in Cool Sheets.

Before his sixteenth birthday, Skins had completed his first four-act play and a feature length screenplay.  His first attempt at a novel one year later never developed to his liking but provided a base of experience for Appreciating a Woman in Cool Sheets.  His time for creative writing dwindled as he found music and focused on academics and the American contemporary political discourse.  His goals as a writer are to tell a new story well, to acknowledge genre by pushing its limits, to stuff anything on the page with as much meaning as possible, and to make the whole thing readable.

Today, Skins is an artist and a political organizer living in Philadelphia.  He is currently entering theater with the production of a performance art piece, which is in the final writing and casting phases.  He is also getting fat on cheese steak sandwiches while trying to change the world.


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