THE LAST WARLORD: A TRUE STORY OF LOVE, BETRAYAL, AND TERRORISM IN AFGHANISTAN   SOLD   After nearly killing himself during a final desperate weekend filled with booze and drugs, Eric Houghton woke up at New Jersey's famed Carrier Clinic and, for the next seven days, had to sober up and grasp the tools necessary to begin life anew.  This story follows Houghton through his drinking and drugging lifestyle. From his earliest years at the Jersey shore community of Harvey Cedars to his last desperate gasps of alcoholic insanity that nearly destroyed him, the reader tracks the oh-so-gradual progression of this most cunning and baffling of diseases.

Alternating between two narratives, each chapter sweeps the reader one step closer to the author's return home to his wife and three children, where he re-learns how to live again by accepting reality.


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