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Calderwood, Dan

Half Moon Caye     Faced with the black and white decision of ending his life, a man rethinks his existence in the solitude of a small island in the Caribbean, finding both good and bad, both exhaltation and mistake in a boisterous and daring past and, at 'the moment of truth' finds that his will to live triumphs biologically over his psychological desire to exorcise himself of his own history.




Farhangi, Neshia Brathwaite

Fatherless Children of War     From the North Atlantic Naval War in 1941 until the current war in Iraq, more than 500,000 U.S. soldiers have lost their lives in battle.  How many of those soldiers had children…children who are now fatherless?  Fatherless Children of War is a gripping first-hand account of the enduring consequences of war as told by the children whose lives were forever changed the day their fathers fell.  The book gives voice to these surviving "casualties of war," who until now have been faceless and forgotten...and now have new hope for the future.




Herda, D. J.

Doc - The Life and Legend of the Man behind Wyatt Earp     When the Earp brothers walked out to meet the Clantons and McLaurys at the O.K. Corral on that fateful day, they had little idea that the man backing them up would live far beyond his 38 years of life on earth--and help the Earps secure their own place in history.




Kirsh, Larry

All My Friends Are Crazy     Always in trouble, from the Army to UCLA Don Miller (using the name of Larry Kirsch in the book) tries to understand why normal people avoid him (and bore him).   He wants therapy, which he can't afford, so has launched on this lengthy self analysis.  In his work inside the institutions and with his friends outside, he deals with a constant stream of the weird, the insane or at least neurotic.  He wanted to, but just couldn't bring himself to wait in the chow line in the Army.  He rubbed all his supervisors the wrong way and was relegated to giving Rorschachs on the wards but snuck around doing therapy on the sly.  



Mankiller in America: How a woman named Wilma united a Cherokee Nation and helped
change the face of America
Wilma Mankiller was a most unlikely hero.  She was short and stocky and dark both of hair and skin. She was undereducated and under-appreciated.  She was married too young and saddled with too many children far too early in life.  She was abused by her husband and divorced by the time she was 25.  And then something truly remarkable happened.  She grew up.

And the world--and America--would never be the same.



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