BAUER, Sheryle




BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: How One Family Stole $350 Million and Escaped Scott Free     At 18, Sheryle works in a massage parlor on the outskirts of Wichita, Kansas.  At 20, she travels the Midwest and graduates to a job as a stripper.  She later marries into the notorious Martin family and seeks a less seedy form of employment, working at first in a placer goldmine in Montana where her husband, Scott, finds a nugget the size of his fist.

While raising two children, Sheryle is instrumental in building a multimillion-dollar company, Shaperite Concepts.  During the company's most vulnerable beginnings, the Securities and Exchange Commission investigates her father-in-law, Carl, for fraud.  During the investigation, Carl's partner, Richard Brown, is murdered.  A prime suspect, Carl ends up behind bars for SEC violations.  Soon after his release from prison, he is kidnapped by a disgruntled investor and held for $3.5 million ransom.  An unexpected turn of events leads to Carl's escape while the kidnappers are apprehended.

Sheryle's upside-down childhood proves just the ticket to overcoming a family uprising, scandal, drugs, alcoholism, fraud, kidnapping, child abuse, rape, psychosis, and murder.  What she thinks is a shameful start in life turns out to be the threads that sew a patchwork of strength in the midst of one of the most scandalous white-collar-crime sprees in America.



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