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Blackwell, Deanna


Three-Book Series


Bk. 3 - The Winds of Kabul     Paula is young, intelligent, and hauntingly beautiful--a woman of strong will and unbreakable spirit.  Restless and eager for adventure, she and her husband strike out for Afghanistan, where they have been enlisted to help rebuild the new democratic regime.  Paula wants a different life for the two of them: a renewed love for her husband and a renewed sense of well-being for herself.  But what she finds are turmoil and upheaval. 


As the countryside around her erupts into guerrilla warfare, her devotion to her husband is challenged by his need for drugs until finally she meets a passionate Afghan rebel willing to help.  But his help proves futile, driving Paula further into desperation until her rebel companion steps in to save her from the forces of pending doom.


Bk. 3 - The Mistress and the Rogue     This gripping account of a young American woman and her Afghan-born lover  takes on new and ominous overtones when Paula suddenly finds herself attacked in her home by two foreign nationals.  When she learns that Shadar has disappeared on his way back to her from Hong Kong, she sets out to find him.  Along the way, she uncovers a sordid trail of human bondage, gun smuggling, and Al Qaeda terrorists.  All hope nearly melts away in a deadly fire-fight with outlaw Islamicists.


When Sunni anarchist Ali Syndar Bhutto captures Paula as she attempts to escape into the night, his first thought is to kill her to get even with Shadar.  But his second thought is far more sinister…and perverted.  Will Paula manage to escape, and will she ever reunite with her lost lover?


Bk. 3 - Lady of Two Nights     A cozy night at the opera turns deadly as Paula and her lover Dali stand by helplessly.  Their investigation into the death of Dali’s closest friend soon leads them to Kabul, where Dali is charged with the task of helping set up the underground Iraqi Resistance Movement to ferret out and destroy opponents of Coalition Forces and the newly elected Iraqi Free Parliament.  From there, they wend their way to the Tigris, when Dali suddenly disappears.


Fearing the worst, Paula tries desperately to contact the underground and finally manages to reach the head of the movement ... on the wrong side!  As rogue Iranian Republican Guard troops and the dreaded Turkish secret police close in on her, she faces the dilemma of her life: should she flee ... or stay and fight against all odds in the hopes of finding her lover?




Herda, D. J

Three Days of the Covenant     When an investigative reporter falls head-over-heels in love, it’s a good thing.  When the target of his affections is a classy/sassy blonde charged with protecting the world’s most valuable book, it’s a bad thing.  Or, at least, it is if the reporter is determined to steal the book from under her nose.


When Lainie Davis finally rounds up enough evidence to put the guy away for life, he neatly sidesteps her attempts by proving that he couldn’t have stolen The Lost Covenant because it was never really stolen in the first place.  As the undercover insurance cop digs deeper into Daryl Dartanian’s background, she learns that he works for Central Intelligence…but not ours.  He’s dirt poor but owns a mansion in Puerto Vallarta and a seaside villa in Carmel.  He’s a college dropout who enjoys playing with radioactive isotopes.  He bicycles around town but he owns a stable of the most exotic collectible cars in the world.


By the time she falls under the growing scrutiny of the police for being an accomplice to the Covenant’s mysterious “theft,” Dartanian is laying plans for a future of unbridled debauchery in yet another new estate by the sea.  This time, he plans on bringing a friend.


She just doesn't know it yet.



Three-Book Series


Bk. 1 - Bound for Carlotta     When Dean Janus stumbles across an Internet promotion for a professional Domme, his curiosity is piqued.  By the time he decides to check it out, he is already ensnared in an ever-widening web of drugs, money laundering, BDSM, and murder.  Only the tenacious love of a woman nearly ten years younger can save him.  But is that love strong enough to go head-to-head with Mistress Carlotta?  And can Dean overcome the prejudices he has against his young, headstrong lover?  His very life may depend upon it!


Bk. 2 - Carlotta’s Revenge     When Domme Mistress Carlotta escapes from prison, Dean Janus bears the brunt of her wrath.  Taken into bondage to a small adobe outside Ensenada, he is broken of his will and forced to do her bidding.  He returns to the states, where under orders from Carlotta he drugs and kidnaps his own fiancé, and returns with her to Carlotta's adobe, where she too is eventually turned into a devoted slave.  But when M.C. introduces a young peasant girl to become Lynn's charge, Dean turns the tables on the Domme and sets the stage for a supercharged ending.


Bk. 3 - The Unbroken     Mistress Carlotta is released from prison and rehabilitated from a life of depravity and sado-masochism.  In atonement for her sins, she agrees to help set up a home for abused submissives—men and women.  But the temptations prove too strong, and before long, Carlotta has fallen back into her evil ways with a hauntingly frightening twist.  She breaks, then sells her slaves to the underground, where they are forced into the alternative-sex trade or made to perform in alternative snuff flicks.  When Lynne turns up dead, Dean turns up the heat and presses authorities to take up the chase.  As the trail turns cold, he springs into action, enlisting the aid of Lynne’s younger sister—who turns out to be more than Carlotta can resist!




Kaplan, Bruce

Seeds     When writer Michael Baird arrives in town for rest and relaxation after suffering a personal trauma, he walks into a nightmare that goes from bad to worse. Soon, he finds his sanity hanging by a thread.  Against his doctor's advice, he launches an investigation into strange happenings and quickly concludes that the town is in the grip of greed, murder, corruption, and blackmail – and perhaps something beyond this world.

Amid the carnage, Michael finds love. But can it survive when all else around him is failing? And what about the strange little boy and his friends? Are they the key that can unlock the truth behind the horror?




Schoenewolf, Gerald

Therapy      When Bill is assigned his first patient by the institute he is attending, he finds that she is both suicidal and a multiple personality.  She is more than he can handle and he ends up trying to heal her and love her at the same time.


A Way You'll Never Be     A black serial murderer picks up a teen-aged runaway and heads for the Florida Keys; on the way he makes plans to kill her while she makes plans to marry him.



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