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Herda, D. J.

The Transubstantiate     In the mountains of northern Colorado, a young couple live life to the fullest, sharing their good fortune, drugs, and mates with their New Age friends.  Shortly after they erect a tee-pee several hundred yards from their log cabin home, they take in a tenant who has just suffered a painful divorce.  When Donnelly’s golden retriever trots down to an all-night Bachanalian feast, he follows along to bring the dog home.  But his hosts insist that he join in the fun.


When the next morning a Wiccan witch disappears, the dog locates her face-down in a mountain stream just behind the tee-pee with her throat ripped open.  Before long, other guests suffer similar fates, and Greg and DeeAnn begin to wonder if their decision to take in a renter was such a good idea after all.  When they approach Donnelly to suggest that he move out, he disappears suddenly, leaving only his dog behind.  Or, they wonder, did he?



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