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Barone, Jessica

Blood Legacy     When an ancient threat emerges to destroy a family of vampires, Alexander, The Dragon Slayer--a medieval Russian vampire--sends word to Jonathan, his grandson-by-blood.  His letters come at a drastic time.  Jason, the link between Alexander and his grandson, has recently been granted power beyond his years.  Alexander, no stranger to power himself, sends advice that might save them, but to no avail, as the ancients known as The Nine destroy the ageless leader and abduct Jason and Jonathan.  With their very eternal existence in peril, Jonathan is forced to step up to grab the reigns of leadership.  But he'll have to use all the lessons and legacies of those who have come before him to succeed.


The question is, can he?  And will he be in time?


*     *     *


Beck, Michielle DJ
Draegan’s Redemption - A “Reluctant Christian Vampire” Book     When an assassin-turned-Christian-turned-vampire finds out he has the chance to save his soul, he knows he must take it, no matter how difficult the journey. Along the way he finds that a lot of humankind needs saving as well, and that the Vampire Council is determined to keep him from completing what has become his ultimate quest.


*     *     *


Herda, D. J.

The Transubstantiate     In the mountains of northern Colorado, a young couple live life to the fullest, sharing their good fortune, drugs, and mates with their New Age friends.  Shortly after they erect a tee-pee several hundred yards from their log cabin home, they take in a tenant who has just suffered a painful divorce.  When Donnelly’s golden retriever trots down to an all-night Bachanalian feast, he follows along to bring the dog home.  But his hosts insist that he join in the fun.


When the next morning a Wiccan witch disappears, the dog locates her face-down in a mountain stream just behind the tee-pee with her throat ripped open.  Before long, other guests suffer similar fates, and Greg and DeeAnn begin to wonder if their decision to take in a renter was such a good idea after all.  When they approach Donnelly to suggest that he move out, he disappears suddenly, leaving only his dog behind.  Or, they wonder, did he?


*     *     *


Kaplan, Bruce

Seeds     When writer Michael Baird arrives in town for rest and relaxation after suffering a personal trauma, he walks into a nightmare that goes from bad to worse. Soon, he finds his sanity hanging by a thread.  Against his doctor's advice, he launches an investigation into strange happenings and quickly concludes that the town is in the grip of greed, murder, corruption, and blackmail – and perhaps something beyond this world.

Amid the carnage, Michael finds love. But can it survive when all else around him is failing? And what about the strange little boy and his friends? Are they the key that can unlock the truth behind the horror?



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