THE TIME CELLAR     A frustrated wine connoisseur in 2010 California gets a chance to start life anew via an unlikely window to 1860 Château Lafite in Bordeaux and to Thomas Jefferson's Monticello in 1818.  In France, he finds his true love in a woman born in 1832, while stateside he befriends the author of the Declaration of Independence.

Robert gets an unknowing helping hand from a California coin dealer who is intrigued by his client's eclectic collecting habits.  Why Only French coins dated before 1860, and why American half dollars dated before 1818?  Robert can’t very well tell him that he needs the vintage coins to buy his wine directly from the 19th century.

By selling impossibly well preserved rare wine obtained from his “new” friends, Robert becomes an instant millionaire.  All he has to do to enjoy his success is to outfox the IRS, outrun a jealous wine dealer’s Mafia thugs, and outsmart his future ex-wife, who wants her share of Robert's loot.

Can his genius Latina assistant and her brother's knowledge of "maa shalats" help him solve his dilemma?


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