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Herda, D. J.

Chi-Town Blues     When author/editor D. J. Herda left Chicago, he took a big part of the city with him.  Now he has unleashed it in all its wild-and-wooly, sexually charged, hit-and-hit-harder glory.  These tales are hauntingly vivid, running the gamut from Crime and Punishment to Coming-of-Age in the Windy City. 


Places Where I've Done Time, Too     Author D. J. Herda has traveled the world several times over, first as a professional syndicated travel writer and then as a working photojournalist.  Here he assembles the most poignant, touching, uproarious, and human of all of the stories he has amassed from the different places where he’s done time.


For Cats' Sake and Other Bizarre Tales from Beyond the Grave     Touching, humorous, ethereal, and uplifting tales about all kinds and manner of animals the author has known intimately through his life by the author whom some people call “the best short-story teller working today.”


Babel     From the master teller of short stories, here are the best mystery and suspense tales with just a touch of the supernatural thrown in for good measure.


So Hang Me!  Tawdry Tales of a Life of No Remorse     D. J. Herda may not know pornography, but he knows what he likes!  And what he likes better than anything else is lambasting those who deserve it most.  From George Dub-ya and Newt Gingrich to Ted Kennedy and Nancy Pelosi, from the Pope to the Supreme Court, from Britney Spears to pickle spears, no subject is too taboo, no one is too powerful, too glib, too popular to escape the rapier wit of America’s most cutting humorist.  Cindy Sheehan, watch your butt!



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