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No stranger to hard work and long hours, this woman exec
knows how to turn something good into something better

The Swetky Agency's Faye M. Swetky
Faye Swetky knows hard work.  For most of her life, she has been a self-employed entrepreneur.  Whether breeding, raising, training, and racing thoroughbred racehorses (one of her passions) or running The Swetky Agency, she is always on the cutting edge of success.

Like many literary agents, Swetky slipped into the role of author's representative coincidentally.  When author D. J. Herda hired her as his publicist to promote his books and to work as an editor several years ago, he told her that he had been looking for an agent with strong work ethics, talent,

and integrity but with no success.  He suggested that Swetky might fill the bill.  Within the next few years, she was influential in placing several of the author's 80-some books and numerous articles and short stories with publishers. 

When Herda suggested that Swetky open a full-time literary agency in 2002, she finally felt comfortable in hanging out her shingle, and The Swetky Agency was born. 

The most aggressive state-of-the-art literary agency in America, The Swetky Agency pioneered the use of e-mail promotion, e-mail marketing, and targeted e-mail submissions in an era when most publishers still demanded that business be conducted conventionally.  As a result, the publishing industry today has opened its eyes and its corporate mind to the way The Swetky Agency does business and has adopted many of her concepts. 

For Faye Swetky, the hard work has paid off.  The Agency is currently in the process of procuring publishing contracts and film-rights options for its growing clientele.  It has optioned film rights to the D. J. Herda property, Rings of Fire, to a major Hollywood producer.  One of the agency's clients had a short film produced for distribution last year.  The full-length works of two Swetky Agency clients are currently in production.  In addition, the agency has sold 12 books and optioned 6 screenplays since 2005 and has numerous additional book and film sales pending--the true benchmark of an aggressive literary agency. 

The Swetky Agency markets its writers' works to all major publishing houses (Sterling, Random House, Thomas Dunne, etc.) and major and minor film and television production companies, both studio and independent.

In addition to running The Swetky Agency, Faye Swetky is Secretary/Treasurer of the professional media society, the American Society of Authors and Writers (AmSaw), and is active in promoting quality writing throughout the English-speaking world.


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