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Sabre de Pleiades
by Bernadette Quander

Review by Krista Schnee
Hollywood Book Reviews


  Sabre de Pleiades feels a greater destiny for his life, one that will affect the lives of his mother's people. Living on Moreipa, the planet of his father, the king, Sabre struggles to gain acceptance and a place of importance in his early adolescence. He has yet to reach the age that would allow him the schooling that he would need for the tasks before him, but he is determined to keep his promises and support the ones that he loves. With the help of his friend, he will gain what knowledge that he can in order to begin his own journey into adulthood.

Sabre has absorbed the teachings of his mother, thus providing him with a strong sense of duty and honor. However, he is young and still lacking in the ability to foresee the consequences of his actions. He thus takes on two quests that provide a difficult learning experience for all involved. With the help of his friend, Kenturah, Sabre brings a human from Earth's past to be a host for his older brother, a spirit being and the future ruler of Moreipa. The long lasting effect of this action is forgotten in Sabre's desire to satisfy his brother. Having accomplished this, Sabre determines to use a difficult technique to travel back to Earth's past; a time that he feels holds his ultimate purpose in life. He and Kenturah cooperate yet again in this last goal, only to find their lack of knowledge and experience to be obstacles.

Such frustration is not unusual for adolescent boys attempting to come into their own manhood. However, they face the taboo of talking about Earth, with much of the history and culture of the now-destroyed planet kept secret. Sabre, a descendant of the humans who escaped Earth before its downfall, is naturally curious about the doomed planet. Through a private discussion with his mother and later his experience on Earth, he is able to gain a greater knowledge of humanity. On Moreipa, his mother alone remembers the difficulties of the past and retains a belief in Christ that actually forms the basis of his own moral teachings. Through his time on Earth, he goes on to gain a respect for these prayerful people as well as a belief of his own.

Bernadette Quander, the author of Sabre de Pleiades, has written this fantasy and science fiction novel for the young Christian, one who appreciates the genre and yet wants a story that is faithful to their own religious beliefs. This novel provides the reader with all of the desired elements of the genre, including other planets, cultures, and space travel. Too, with its subtle use of Christian imagery and faith, it would certainly satisfy the desires of even the non believer and could perhaps influence such a reader to be more sympathetic to faith in general. Still, the reader's faith notwithstanding, the story itself and its imaginative elements give any person—no matter their age or faith—an enjoyable read.

One interesting element to the story, and one certainly to attract a wider range of readers, is that of the postapocalypse. Rather than focusing on the destruction of Earth in Armageddon, this novel takes place much later, with the story of Earth's doom being revealed over the course of the entire series. Also, the biblical elements of the end are used differently than a more rote piece of apocalyptic literature such as the Left Behind series. Sabre therefore will also appeal to those interested in prophecy and stories about the apocalypse.

The first in a young adult series, Sabre de Pleiades is an imaginative story that will provide any person with an enjoyable read, but also one that may influence in its portrayal of faith and culture. In its use of Christian elements within a fantasy and science fiction construct, it is similar to the writing of C.S. Lewis. However, with its young characters and coming of age type of story, it will certainly appeal to the younger reader and satisfy those parents who want to find a Christian novel for their teen.

Quander is a writer who is skillful in the genre while being true to her religious beliefs. Sabre de Pleiades will thus be sure to appeal to a wide range of readers from all ages.

Sabre de Pleiades
Author: Bernadette Quander

Publisher: Tall Tales 509

Paperback, $15.99
eBook, $2.99
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars


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