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When Hate Groups Are Permitted
To Apply the Community Standard of Values

by ldylngstkn

We lose the right to self determination and how we define ourselves and our values.   We lose the right to enjoy life as we see fit and valuable.  We lose our rights as adults who have earned a place in this country to decide for ourselves what to read, view, or enjoy.  We lose, when their standards alone, apply to our rights under the First Amendment to the Constitution.  We lose as parents to decide what we feel is appropriate for our children and what is not.

History has a devious manner of repeating itself.  We become complacent and these groups again apply pressure to insure that my rights, so diligently fought, for are abridged.  Look at the history of the world, and war time, you will see a pattern in the wind.  Power is forbidden fruit that is obtained through fear.  In the 30's and 40's, Hitler set the tone with fear.  Jews, he told his people, were a disease that must be wiped from the earth.  He told his followers they were dirty and could no longer use public restrooms or have their hair done at a salon since it was infectious.

Actually hate is the infection.  It is applied generously with lies and misinformation, and soon becomes the only "truth."    And like any disease, it takes form and is contagious.  It is passed to the innocent children of those who would chose to destroy their fellow man.  And they believe.

Today, these hate groups have a target of a different color.  They have chosen to target groups who's only vice is their ability to love without discriminating, without hate, and with absolute acceptance.  These groups are open and honest about their genetic sexuality and their choice to educate each other in safe practices.  They are groups who practice loving, from their own perspective.  Hate groups choose to remove the rights of self-determination, privacy and assembly, of their target of hate, in order to impose their power.

Power is a drug.  They are impotent without this drug, and that drug is hate.  It is preached from the pulpits of churches as gospel fact, when the fact is, it is a lie that was fabricated to incite hate and rage and bring power to those who applied it.

The world was created as a beautiful garden of diversity.  It was not created as a "one size fits all" world.

Christ taught loving and acceptance, not hate and discrimination.  The Christian Bible is a beautiful literary work written by men who sought to apply their idea of acceptance to the world.  It has been changed over the ages, in an attempt to control the actions of the many, to the ideals of the few.  It is a document that has produced hate, war, and murder on behalf of the concepts it attempts to preach.

The Constitution is a succinct document who's purpose is to protect the rights of the many against the hate of the few.  Which explains why our right wing Christian legislators are attempting to quietly destroy the document and the spirit behind it.   That spirit is freedom and diversity, and the right of each and every one of us to decide who and what we are.

We must all insure that our rights and freedoms do not become historical fiction, and we all become automatons motivated by fear.  When that happens, we lose the most precious gift of all--our humanity.

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